Responsible Finance Through Local Leadership in Sub – Sahara Africa (2012-2016)

As microfinance scales and commercializes in Africa, there exists an opportunity to support greater consumer protection and financial transparency within the industry. Microfinance associations play a key role in supporting the sustainable growth of the microfinance industry. To further the goal of strengthening microfinance institutions in Africa, The Small Education Enterprise Programme (SEEP) Network and The MasterCard Foundation launched a  four-year partnership to improve management capacity of microfinance associations, advance financial transparency, and promote consumer protection.  Eight Microfinance Asociations in Sub Sahara Africa benefitted from the programme. The program was to promote the responsible development of the microfinance markets through strong local leadership

GHAMFIN worked and supported market research, development of diagnostic tools for Consumer Protection, champion the development of National Code of Conduct, coordinated the cedit informationa sharing forum, led the development of complaints system, national database and reporting platform, NCAT for the seven member associations and internal capacity strengthening and restructuring.