Financial Institution Resilience & STrengthening

Supporting Ghanaian Financial Institutions to Scale MSME Finance

FIRST+ (Financial Institution Resilience and STrengthening) works with Ghanaian financial institutions that are ready and committed to scale MSME finance, inclusive of youth and women with a focus on the agricultural sector.  We bring international best-in-class expertise and practices tailored to the Ghanaian context to address challenges that are inhibiting financial institutions’ ability to increase their lending to micro and small businesses, who will in turn create and retain thousands of quality jobs in Ghana.

FIRST+ is implemented by CapitalPlus Exchange (CapPlus) in collaboration with the Bank of Ghana and in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and the Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN).  CapPlus is also partnering with Oikocredit, a $1 billion impact investment fund which has committed up to $20 million in investment finance to FIRST+ financial institution partners.


  • Addressing capital adequacy shortfalls and meeting Bank of Ghana’s requirements
  • Expanding financial institutions’ MSME market share, product offerings and digital services
  • Strengthening the financial sector with GHAMFIN for greater impact and sustainability


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Opportunities For Financial Institutions

  • Grow MSME market share
  • Increase digitalization for customers and operating efficiencies
  • Build women’s client base
  • Expand profitably into underserved markets such as agriculture, education, health
  • Increase investment readiness
  • Address capital adequacy
  • Reduce nonperforming loans and strengthen credit risk management
  • Attend webinars and in-person training on topics such as finding investors, credit risk management, problem loan management, cybersecurity and much more


Webinar Recordings and Presentations

Contact Information

Lynn Railsback

Director (Industry Building and Impact, CapitalPlus Exchange)
+1 312 806 0413

Yaw Gyamfi

Executive Director (GHAMFIN)
+233 (0) 303 – 936 090

BInyam Tadesse

Programme Lead (CapitalPlus Exchange)
+233 (0) 599 – 525 234

Edmund Benjamin-Addy

Head of Operations/M&E Manager (GHAMFIN)
+233 (0) 244 – 489 819

Andrew Muriithi

Director (MSME Finance & Partnerships, CapitalPlus Exchange)
+233 (0) 599 404 084